Welcome To The San Diego Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest & fastest growing political party, the party of principle. Given the one party system with a Democratic wing and Republican wing, the LP is the alternative party for fiscal responsibility, social acceptance, and decentralization of the state. A truly wasted vote is one for more war, more cronyism, and more government, and the two parties will just give you more of the same. Had enough of the status quo? Join the LP! The SDLP is a very active county. If you are new to the party we encourage you to get active. Join one of our email lists to stay up to date with events and other activities. Want to run for office in the next elections?  Get involved in local activities, join our email lists, and get to know past candidates. We look forward to having you on the ballot.


Please join us for one of many local libertarian special events such as our annual April 15th income tax protest, summer beach party, 4th of july BBQ, or Christmas party.  Our exciting SDLP monthly supper club, which features high profile speakers, is not to be missed. Finally be sure to check out our monthly newsletter and join our low-volume email announcment list to always keep up to date on important San Diego events.


Please connect with us at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Our events are posted at our Meetup.com page.

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